Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sylvester Williams NFL Combine Preview

It is that time of year where many NFL fans will gather around the television, tune into the NFL Network and watch college kids work out. The hoopla that surrounds the NFL Combine has grown in the past few years and it is a chance for fans to watch the future of the NFL. For many fans it is an opportunity to look for those players that will improve their teams. For the players competing it is a chance to outshine others and improve their draft stock that will ultimately get them a higher payday.

Many draft experts have declared the NFL draft has a very deep and nice class of defensive tackles. Every team is looking for that big guy in the middle of the defensive line that can clog up running holes and put pressure on the quarterback. Sylvester Williams is considered by many to be a top 5 defensive tackle with room to improve.

Williams had a chance to show off his ability to NFL scouts the week of the Senior Bowl and he did not disappoint  Williams showed great first step quickness  and dominated drills using his strength, power, awareness and athleticism. During that week Williams met with the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams. The range of where Williams could be drafted ranges from mid-late first round to mid second round.

Williams is a player that could be a great value pick if he makes it to the second day. He can raise his stock by answering scouts concerns of his consistency. He is entering the combine with momentum from his performance at the Senior Bowl and the buzz that has been receiving from draft experts. 

Tune into the NFL Network Febuary 23-26 to watch Williams, Kevin Reddick, Giovani Bernard, Travis Bond, Brennan Williams and Jonathan Cooper.

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