Thursday, June 7, 2012

John Henson's NBA Draft Profile

During John Henson's three years at Carolina he improved his offensive game every year and grew into a low post threat.  He is a superb defender and has incredible length.  During three years he went from a 180 pound kid to a 6'11" 220 pound NBA player.  Henson still has a lot of room to develop his offensive game, but deciding to stay in school for three years instead of one has improved the likely hood he will be able make it to a second contract in the NBA.
Henson was in New Orleans earlier this week, with former teammate Tyler Zeller among others, to work out for the Hornets.  Although many draft experts believe he will never make it to their tenth pick because the Detroit Pistons (Pick 9)  have shown a lot of interest in Henson.  If the Pistons make Henson their first round pick who will team with rising star center Greg Monroe in the front court.

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