Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 10 UNC Pros NFL Preview

Julius Peppers
Julius Peppers:  After missing the first two days of practice, with a knee injury, Peppers returned Friday and is expected to play Sunday.  Leading the Bears with 5 sacks this year, Peppers is expected to put pressure on Matthew Stafford this week.  A crucial game in the NFC North and the Wild Card picture.  Regardless of how healthy he is the Lions are sure to double team Peppers
Lions@Bears 4:15pm on FOX

Hakeem Nicks:  Tom Coughlin says Nicks will be a game time decision after he practices again on Friday.  The addition of Nicks back to the Giants passing game would be a huge boost as it would give Eli a big target and take coverage from Victor Cruz.  I hate to call a game in early November a must win but with one of toughest schedules remaining, anything other than a win in San Francisco would be a huge blow to the Giants winning the NFC East.
Giants@49ers 4:15pm FOX

Jeff Saturday:  To say the Colts have struggled this season would be an understatement.  They go into this weeks game against Division Rival, Jacksonville Jaguars, 0-9 and is looking for some this season.  They just might have received the spark they needed in a players only meeting Monday as veteran Jeff Saturday addressed the team.  Reggie Wayne summed up the message as "Play football, nothing else.  Love Football, nothing else.  Be a man, nothing else."  Could this be the motivation the Colts need?  I think so, as I believe the Colts pick up their first win of the season.
Jaguars@Colts 1:00pm CBS

Greg Little:  An offense that is down to their number 4 running back on the depth chart and will possibly be missing a starting WR couldn't ask for a better matchup.  The Rams rank 24th in the NFL in total defense so this is a great opportunity for Greg Little and the Browns offense to break out.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Little in the endzone and the Browns in the win column.

Robert Quinn:  Even though he has struggled to find as much playing time as a first rounder would expect, Quinn has made the most of the time he has found.  He has played behind starters Chris Long and James Hall all season but has made plays on special teams.  He could be a disrupted force on special teams against the Browns on Sunday
Rams@Browns 1:00pm CBS

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