Friday, November 18, 2011

Bobby Frasor Joins UNC Staff

By: Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Bobby Frasor has been added to the 2011-2012 UNC basketball staff until May.  Frasor, a member of the 2009 Championship team,  has been added as an assistant video coordinator.  Frasor spent two seasons overseas.  One in Bulgaria where he enjoyed the experience.  The second season was a different story in Cyprus, he only got paid for 4 of the 7 months and did not like his team or coaches.  This experience made it a lot easier to walk away from the game.  Frasor always knew he wanted to coach in college as opposed to high school, where he would have to teach and coach.  He felt if he taught it would not be fair to his students since he would be thinking about basketball all day. Trying to become a part of the coaching staff, Frasor interviewed with Buzz Peterson (a member of the 1982 Championship team and current head coach of UNC-Wilmington). Frasor was overlooked and did not get a job. But then, Roy Williams offered him a job as an assistant video coordinator, which consists of sitting in an office and breaking down and exchanging video. Frasor knows he will have to pay his dues and this is an opportunity to begin his coaching career.  Frasor hopes to win another ring this season

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