Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jackie Manuel Joins UNC Staff

Bobby Frasor is not the only former Tar Heel to recently join the UNC staff.  Jackie Manuel has been named as the assistant strength and conditioning coordinator.  Since leaving Chapel Hill, Manuel played a few seasons in the NBDL and had brief stints playing overseas in Argentina and Japan.  Manuel had planned to play one more year professionally but the NBA lockout has had an effect on overseas basketball as well.  So when he decided to call it quits his former coach Roy Williams offered him a chance to join his coaching staff.  Frasor and Manuel are the first two former players to join a Roy Williams' coaching staff since current assistant coaches Jarod Hasse and C.B. McGrath in the late 1990's.  Before joining the staff, Manuel had been working out with current players during the summer, as a lot of former player tend to do. Reggie Bullock, a current player, credits Manuel to helping him come back from his season ending injury the year before by working on his defense. Manuel, a member of the 2005 Championship team, was always known as a player who made a difference on the defensive side of the ball.  If he can help bring that intensity and determination to this years team, brighter days are ahead in Chapel Hill.

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