Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The "New" Rashad McCants

Rashad McCants has said he is attempting to make "the greatest NBA comeback ever".  It appears McCants is off to a good start as he has played in four of Caciques de Humacoa five games in Puerto Rico.  McCants is averaging over 20 points and five rebounds a game.  He helped his team score their first victory Saturday night with 23 points, eight rebounds and 4 steals.  Through the first part of the this season McCants has shown he still has the ability to be a solid scorer.  He also seems to have finally embraced the fans who respect and appreciate his game.  It appears he is trying to "rebrand" himself by interacting with fans, former
team mates and Tar Heel players on twitter.  On twitter he is actively retweeting, following and replying to followers and he also keeps his fans informed on the progression of his comeback.  This is not what the perception has been of McCants the majority of his collegiate and professional career.  As someone who has always been a fan of a great Tar Heel who I felt was always misunderstood, this is a welcomed change.

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