Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What NFL teams are interested in Jonathan Cooper?

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The NFL Draft is almost here. The workouts, meetings and interviews are almost over. Now it is time to sit back and wait to here Roger Goodell or a retired NFL player or someone else working in the NFL offices to call the names. It is also a good time to look at the Tar Heels that are expected to go high and evaluate which teams have the most interest.

First we will looked at Giovani Bernard, now we take a look at who most believe will be the first Tar Heel and interior offensive lineman selected, Jonathan Cooper.

  1. Tennessee Titans: It was obvious last season that the Titans needed offensive line help badly. Cooper has met with the Titans on several occasions and for the Titans, if both players available their choice will come down to Cooper and Chance Warmack.
  2. San Diego Chargers: If the Titans do not take Cooper, it is possible he does not make it past the Chargers at number 11. The Chargers need offensive line help and it is likely that the top 3 Tackles in draft will be gone before the Chargers pick. There is now predraft rumblings that Dallas is looking to trade up in front of the Chargers, meaning that Dallas believes that Cooper will not make it past the Chargers 11th pick.
  3. Dallas Cowboys: As mentioned above the Cowboys are extremely interested in making Cooper their first round pick. Cooper met with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys earlier in April and the meeting left both parties coming away very impressed. Cooper would also improve an offensive line that was not very good last season.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Cowboys should also be worried about the Steelers drafting Cooper. Steelers personal basically welcomed Cooper in the hotel lobby at the Draft Combine, as they met with the Cooper before any other team at the Combine. The Steelers have more needs than Guard, since they took a Guard in the first round last year, but they will not pass on a player that could be best available player at pick number 17.
Draft Projection: When Thursday night is all said and done, Cooper will be the first Tar Heel to be drafted. There is also a very good chance that he will be one of two Guards taken in the first 15 picks, a position that rarely has anyone go in the top 15. Cooper did show teams during workouts that he could play center, right or left guard and that versatility on the offensive line will be hard to pass on. I believe that Cooper will be selected by the Titans as they have to get someone to protect Jake Locker and open up holes for Chris Johnson, because if the Titans offense looks as bad as it did last year there could be a new coaching staff in Nashville next year.

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